How do I begin to plugin?

Our mission is to help you follow Jesus, build relationships, and discover your purpose.

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, we want to meet you there and help you grow, whether it’s learning to follow Jesus more deeply, build stronger relationships in the Lord, or discover your pre-destined purpose to make Jesus known and make much of Jesus.

Connect to a Local GroupĀ 

Local groups are small groups who come together regularly to build relationships and talk about life and faith. There are no wrong questions, and all are welcome.

Join the Launch Team

We can't meet the needs of Arvada alone. We need your passion, time, and talents to launch this movement. Could God be calling you to join?

Talk with a Pastor

No matter where you are in life, everyone can grow closer to Jesus! Our team would love to connect to discuss questions and thoughts about Christ and faith.

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